Niemcewicza 17

The Niemcewicza 17 Apartments at the Stara Ochota district are one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. The tranquillity of the surrounding small streets and green spaces, as well as the proximity of the city centre, enable a perfect combination of various life dimensions. Excellent social, cultural and public transport infrastructure makes it possible to take advantage of all big city facilities, whereas the cosiness of the district allows to take a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.
A modernist shape covered with elegant sandstone, panoramic windows and loggias – these are the characteristic architectural elements of the Niemcewicza 17 Apartments. The architects from the renowned JEMS Architekci studio took care to restore the urban planning of the block enclosed by the streets of Niemcewicza, Poniecka, Słupecka and Odrzykońska.
The project comprises a complex of two high-standard apartment buildings, together with the inner green patio for the inhabitants, and the common square. The first stage includes construction of a U-shaped building with the main lobby facing the Niemcewicza Street, and two side wings located in a straight line with the development along the Poniecka Street and the Odrzykońska Street. The sales offer for this phase included 71 apartments. The second stage comprises construction of a building with 51 apartments. The project also includes a two-storey underground car park.



Close to wherever you want to go

The Niemcewicza Street is a perfect place for people valuing their time and a cosy neighbourhood atmosphere. Low buildings prevail in the area, including the carefully renovated townhouses at the nearby Narutowicza Square. Necessary services, health, cultural and educational facilities, as well as an excellent transport network, are all in the immediate vicinity of the Niemcewicza 17 Apartments.
The apartments are only a few minutes’ drive from the inner core of the city, the Śródmieście district, which is a thriving centre for entertainment and commerce. It takes from 5 to 15 minutes to get to the office buildings situated along the avenues al. Jana Pawła II and Al. Jerozolimskie, and to those located around the Prosta Street.
Those who travel a lot appreciate the vicinity of two railway stations Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West) and Warszawa Centralna (Warsaw Central Railway Station). One can also get to the international Warsaw Chopin Airport fast and easy.



Modern style

The apartments are functionally planned, with the living area clearly separated from the sleeping area. The height of the rooms, at least 2.80 metres, makes them even more spacious, and their clear plan enables to arrange them at one’s convenience. The construction of the building enables joining apartments. The wide range of apartment sizes guaranteed that the selected one would meet the versatile needs of the Customers.
The offer included apartments of one, two, three and four rooms and the space of 31 to approximately 120 sq metres. On the last storey a representative penthouse of 200 sq metres was built with a separate elevator access. All apartments have loggias, and those on the last storey – terraces with a view to the centre of Warsaw and Stara Ochota.
The small number of apartments per each staircase guarantees privacy of the inhabitants. Noiseless elevators and perfect soundproofing ensure that nothing is going to disturb the tranquillity of the inhabitants. Attention to details and the finishing of the living space guarantees the comfort of living.

High standard

The highest quality materials

The composition of the elevation of the Niemcewicza 17 Apartments alludes to a prewar townhouse style. Horizontal recesses with loggias with glass banisters, and panoramic windows in wooden frames, impart a modern character to the design. The side walls and ceilings of the loggias are covered with wood-based materials.
The main entrance is formed of large glass panes and sliding glass door. The passage to the staircases runs through a glass corridor, a kind of gallery with a view to the yard.
The inner green patio with street furniture elements is an ideal place for relaxation. Solitaire trees and bushes, carefully selected for their attractive blossoming and colours in different year seasons give it even more charm.
Natural finishing materials are an asset of this project. They were applied both for the façade and the common areas, including the floors and door portals.

Safe Investment

and Experience

Purchasing a property is a specific kind of transaction where the security of the Buyer is of key importance. The NAPOLLO Group is a reliable partner that attaches great importance to make the Customer’s deal secure and to satisfy the latter’s needs.
Our investments are based on a valid building permits. The Niemcewicza 17 development was erected on the plot to which the company has got a legal title in the form of ownership. According to the developer contracts, the funds paid by the Buyers were accumulated in a trust account.
The apartment projects implemented by the NAPOLLO Group are supervised by NAPOLLO MANAGEMENT Sp. z o.o. (LLC), a member of the Polish Association of Developers PZFD. The NAPOLLO Group takes care that the rights and obligations of the contract parties are defined in a way guaranteeing that both partners are equal in the transaction. All contractual provisions are in accordance with the Act on Protecting Rights of the Buyers of Residential Premises or Single Family Houses (the so-called “Polish Developers Act”). Before a purchase from NAPOLLO the Customers may always familiarise themselves with an informative prospectus which includes full information on the developer and the investment.

Napollo Group

Reliable Partner

The NAPOLLO Group is an investor and developer of residential and retail projects all over Poland. It is a Polish company which has conducted investment activity since 2007. It was earlier known as NAP Invest Group and was rebranded in 2014. Its aim was to adjust the new brand identification to the new investment strategy of the Group, related to its dynamic growth throughout the country.
The company realizes residential projects in Warsaw and Lublin. Its projects are featured by functional planning of the residential space, a wide range of apartment sizes, and careful arrangement of the space around the buildings. Against the surrounding buildings the developer’s projects are distinguished by elegant and simple shapes, interesting details and high-quality finishing materials.
The commercial building projects realized by the NAPOLLO Group include shopping centres and retail parks. They are located in the centres of large housing developments, satellite towns, and towns of up to 100 thousand inhabitants.



Budimex SA Generalnym Wykonawcą I etapu inwestycji Apartamenty Niemcewicza 17

12 March 2015

Grupa NAPOLLO rozstrzygnęła przetarg na Generalnego Wykonawcę I etapu projektu „Apartamenty Niemcewicza 17” w sercu warszawskiej Ochoty. Inwestycję zrealizuje firma Budimex SA. Autorem projektu jest pracownia JEMS Architekci.
Start budowy planowany jest na styczeń 2015 roku. Realizacja I etapu, o łącznej powierzchni PUM 4480 m², zakończy się w III kwartale 2016 roku.
Cała inwestycja obejmuje zespół dwóch wielorodzinnych budynków mieszkalnych o wysokim standardzie, wraz z wewnętrznym, zielonym patio dla mieszkańców, ogólnodostępnym skwerem oraz dwupoziomowym parkingiem podziemnym. Więcej

Apartamenty Niemcewicza 17 z specjalną Ofertą Wiosenną

24 February 2015

Tylko teraz dostępna jest specjalna oferta wiosenna. Przy zakupie kawalerki można otrzymać rabat nawet do 1000 zł/mkw. Informacje na temat oferty dostępne są w Biurze Sprzedaży, ul. Poniecka 2 lok. 1 lub pod numerem telefonu 22 274 18 08.
Cała inwestycja obejmuje zespół dwóch wielorodzinnych budynków mieszkalnych o wysokim standardzie, wraz z wewnętrznym, zielonym patio dla mieszkańców, ogólnodostępnym skwerem oraz dwupoziomowym parkingiem podziemnym. Więcej

Wystartowała budowa Apartamentów Niemcewicza 17

January 2015

Grupa NAPOLLO rozpoczęła realizację I etapu inwestycji „Apartamenty Niemcewicza 17” na Ochocie. Budowa zakończy się w III kwartale 2016 roku.
W pierwszym etapie powstanie budynek na planie litery U, z głównym lobby od strony ul. Niemcewicza oraz dwoma bocznymi skrzydłami, stanowiącymi przedłużenie zabudowy wzdłuż ulic Ponieckiej i Odrzykońskiej. W ofercie sprzedaży tego etapu jest 71 mieszkań. Więcej


Niemcewicza 17

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+48 519 031 167
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